Introduction to the Current Situation of Domestic Development

Internet Usage

Individual Internet Usage

Internet Use Rate 88.8%


Equipment Used to Access Internet

Mobile Phones 97.9%

Desktops 59.5%

Laptops 51.5%

Mobile Internet Use Rate

Use Rate 85.2%

Average Monthly Cost* 663

The average monthly spending method is: average monthly mobile Internet spending? Respondents may answer that the monthly rent for Internet and telephone is included.

Source: Telephone Survey (2019)

Profile of Internet Users

Among Internet users who accessed the Internet in the last six months, there was little difference in Internet access rate between the sexes, and the rate for those aged between 12 and 54 exceeded 90%.

*The sample size for the Outer Islands is too small, so the results are for reference only.
Source: Telephone Survey (2019)

Use of Mobile Internet / Public Wi-Fi Internet by Those Aged 12 and Above

Mobile Internet usage has increased significantly in the last six months, and public Wi-Fi usage has also increased.

Source: Telephone Survey (2019)

Household Internet Access

Internet Access Rate
Broadband Internet Access
Main Internet Access Method
Satisfaction Rating

Single Answer n=2134
*The average score of satisfaction is calculated from the five equal scales by giving scores of 1-5 as the options, such as 5 for very satisfied, 4 for somewhat satisfied, 3 for ordinary, and so on.
Source: Telephone Survey (2019)

International Development Comparison

Internet Penetration

In Asia, Japan and South Korea have the highest Internet use rates, with Taiwan coming in third place.
This graph shows Taiwan's Internet use rates from an international source. As the research methods differ from this paper's, it should be used as a reference for ranking only.

Source: Internet World Stats (2019)

Global Internet Usage Status

Based on Comscore MMX's data as of September 2019. Taiwan's population is small, but the average number of pages browsed per person is the highest in Asia. Compared to last year, both the number of pages viewed and number of hours spent viewing saw a decline among Taiwanese Internet users.

  Average Single Page Views Average Pages Viewed Per Person (Monthly) Total Time (in Million Minutes)
Asia Taiwan 13.4 1,562 28,459
China 29.5 869 3,645,234
India 8.0 797 970,333
Indonesia 11.0 377 308,442
Japan 33.8 1,425 115,013
Malaysia 15.4 858 70,337
Vietnam 16.9 534 39,889
Singapore 11.7 930 7,321
Others USA 16.7 2,734 1,905,304
UK 18.1 2,424 287,853
Australia 13.8 950 29,934

Source: Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Multi-Country Key Measures, Total Audience, Sep 2019

Devices Used to Access Internet

Internet users from many countries use multiple types of devices to access the Internet, using both mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and desktop devices, such as desktop computers or laptops. Among Asian countries, the use of desktop devices is less than 20%, while the percentage of those who only use mobile devices is highest in India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, exceeding 60% in all three countries.

Note: only countries with cross screen data are presented for comparison.
Source: Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Multi-Country Key Measures, Total Audience, Sep 2019