Taiwan Internet Report

The purpose of the Taiwan Internet Report is to represent the observation of the Internet development and application in Taiwan, explain the image and user profile of Taiwan's overall Internet usage, and understand various Internet trends and future developments. In order to increase the perspective of the survey, increase its reference level, and broaden its application level, this survey utilizes qualitative research methods. The theme of the survey's research plan is the "Taiwan Internet Report 2019", and it aims to understand Taiwan's Internet from its foundation to application level, helping in the objective environmental analysis of domain name and IP/ASN registrations on the logic level. It also includes one-on-one interviews with experts on focus topics, while providing quantitative survey results to give more suggestions and analyses. Finally, the paper performs literature analysis, compiling and comparing literature and secondary literature from various countries to give an overall picture of Taiwan's Internet.

Research Highlights

  1. The high popularity of Internet usage has driven Taiwan towards a digital mobile society, but more comprehensive legal regulations and user rights need to be resolved.
  2. The people of Taiwan rely too much on the Internet for various activities, but there are still hidden security concerns in active online activities.
  3. The rapid growth of electronic payment users has intensified Taiwan's fintech, but international mobile payment brands attacking the top two in Taiwan to grab the electronic payment pie, and creating a secure and convenient electronic payment environment is an important issue.
  4. The digital economy is active. Although the online shopping rate has not changed but the amount of gold has increased, the industry's profitability is not easy and the competition is fierce. However, making good use of high-usage community power and content media can bring new opportunities.