Taiwan Internet Report
Taiwan Internet Report

It is the aim of the 2022 Taiwan Internet Report to understand the integration of what is online and what is offline in Taiwan. This survey examines the current state of internet usage in Taiwan after the transfer of originally face-to-face social processes to online platforms or the integration of those processes with online platforms through the use of emerging technologies and related social science theories, and further explores possible issues, impacts and challenges.

Key Insights

  1. The use of the Internet and related applications is growing every year, but the digital divide has not been eliminated yet.
  2. Digital platforms are changing the way people get news, and the news media bargaining code is a matter of great urgency.
  3. The breadth and depth of digital literacy needs to be improved.
  4. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the lack of planning and preparation for telework and telemedicine in Taiwan.
  5. Focus on the AI experience of the elderly, highlight the relative advantages of AI, and improve the regulatory mechanism.
  6. Provide analytical tools for policy and market research to effectively predict the adoption of emerging technologies.
  7. Instant messaging software is like an echo chamber, and should be paid attention to for potential issues that may arise.