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Internet Use Rate Over the Past Six Month

In this research, internet use rate and the use rate over the past six months of non-rural areas are higher than rural areas. Mobile internet has the highest use rate in both non-rural and rural areas. The second method is a both method of mobile internet and public Wi-Fi.

Profile of Internet Users Over the Past 6 Months

Wireless Internet Use Over the Past Six Months

Household Internet Usage Non-Rural (n=1076), Rural (n=507)

Household Internet Use Rate

Non-Rural 83.0%

Rural 70.3%

Broadband Use Rate

Non-Rural 99.7%

Rural 100%

The Main Internet Connection Method (Mobile Internet)

Non-Rural 52.6%

Rural 75.0%

Internet Satisfaction

Non-Rural 3.9Grade

Rural 3.9Grade

Internet Services

Regarding Internet services used by Taiwanese population; the top three services used in non-rural areas are "Instant messaging (95.3%)", "Lifestyle and News (82.5%), and "News (81.1%); the top three services in rural areas are "Instant Messaging (95.0%), "Social media, forums or blogs (82.4%), and "Lifestyle and News (72.6%).

The difference in internet service between non-rural and rural areas in Taiwan is all about the possess of resources, which means in non-rural areas, the Internet is more accessible. Regarding the services used, people in non-rural areas tend to use more Internet at work or other services that brings more convenience to life than those in rural areas. However, the difference is insignificant when it comes to recreational use.