Internet Development in Taiwan

Individual User Internet Use Behavior

Personal Use

Internet Use Rate 83.8%



Mobile 82.9%

PC 31.5%

Laptop 29.5%

Mobile Internet

Internet Use Rate 77.0%

Monthly Cost* 686cost

Mobile Internet Satisfaction

Satisfied 84.0%

Average 3.3%

Unsatisfied 12.7%

*Average Monthly Cost is conducted as followed: Please advise how much you spend on mobile internet per month. Interviewee mostly replies that monthly spent amount includes internet and mobile fee.

Internet User Profile Unit:%、n=2209

Reviewing the profile of the Internet users over the past six month, the difference between genders is insignificant. Over 90% of the people under age 55 have access to the Internet. All areas have an internet use rate over 70% in Taiwan except in the Eastern part, Kinmen and Matsu.

*Interviewee are lesser from Kinmen and Matsu, the statistics are only for reference.

Internet Usage Over the Last 6 Months (12 years and older)

Over the past 6 months, the usage of WLAN has decreased probably due to COVID-19, leading to people staying at home more. Usage of public Wi-Fi has also decreased.

Household Internet Access n=2209

Internet Use Rate
Main Method
Average Satisfaction Level*

*Satisfaction is calculated through Likert Scale,giving each choice a grade from 1-5 ,Greatly Satisfied as 5、Satisfied as 4、Average as 3...and added up to come to an average score.

Worldwide Development Status

World Status of Internet Use Rate

In Asia, South Korea and Japan has the highest Internet use rate, Taiwan ranked 3rd. The Taiwan Internet use rate is estimated by Internet World Stats and is different from this research. Only for reference.

Source: Internet World Stats(2020)

Mobile and Broadband Penetration Rate Unit:Penetration Rate%, Rank(out of 141 countries)

In Asia, Japan and Singapore has the highest mobile internet use rate. South Korea and Japan has the highest broadband use rate

Source:National Development Council、World Economic Forum

Internet Usage Status

According to the data provided by the National Communications Commission(NCC) for the 108 years of network speed measurement, the average download rate of the national 4G fixed-point measurement in 2019 was 108.33Mbps.

Device Used to Access Internet

  Mobile Phone PC and Laptop Pads Others
Asia Taiwan 43.7% 50.4% 5.8% 0.02%
India 74.3% 25.4% 0.3% N/A
China 62.4% 36.5% 1.1% N/A
Singapore 56.8% 39.1% 4.0% 0.02%
Indonesia 54.6% 44.9% 0.5% N/A
The Philippines 52.4% 44.9% 2.8% 0.02%
Malaysia 52.0% 46.3% 2.7% 0.03%
South Korea 48.9% 50.4% 0.7% N/A
Thailand 44.6% 53.6% 1.8% N/A
Japan 35.3% 61.3% 3.4% 0.10%
Vietnam 16.2% 82.6% 1.1% N/A
Others United States of America 53.9% 41.3% 4.7% 0.10%
United Kingdoms 48.3% 44.1% 7.3% 0.30%
Australia 47.5% 45.3% 7.1% 0.10%
Worldwide 53.3% 44.0% 2.7% 0.07%

Source:Digital 2020(We are social 2020)